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Cat House Calls

In-Home Feline Care

At Hallett Veterinary Hospital, we realize that situations may occur that make it impossible for you to bring your cat into our office for an appointment. You might not be able to leave the house, the cat may be unable to handle leaving the house or, perhaps, you have three or more cats that all require veterinary check-ups… in these cases, it may be more efficient to have a veterinarian come to your home to perform basic wellness examinations. At Hallett Veterinary Hospital we offer this as a service to our clients for convenience and to ensure that our feline patients are able to receive the veterinary care they need regardless of their circumstances. One of the most common reasons that we perform housecalls is actually humane euthanasia. We are then able to help your cat pass in the comfort of their own home.

What To Expect From A Routine Veterinary House Call

When you schedule a house call, our hospital will send a veterinarian and a vet technician to examine your cat. We will bring all of the instruments necessary to perform a thorough exam. We are able to perform the following tests in your home:

  • Blood pressure check
  • Thorough examination
  • Acquire blood or urine for needed lab tests
  • Administer vaccines

To ensure that your cat is available to our veterinarian for examination, please make sure that it is in a small room like a bathroom or utility room before the doctor arrives for the examination. Of course, you are welcome to stay in the room throughout the exam.

It should be noted that there are some procedures that cannot be performed within your home. Therefore, when examining your cat at home, our veterinarians can typically get a good assessment through the physical exam as to whether or not your cat will require any further testing at the hospital.

What To Expect From A Home Euthanasia

When you schedule a house call, our hospital will send a veterinarian and a vet technician to care for your cat. We will bring all the necessary medications and instruments. We may or may not recommend sedation prior to the injection of euthanasia solution. We will discuss every step with you in detail so that there are no unexpected surprises. We may place an intravenous catheter to be able to give the overdose of anesthesia (euthanasia solution) in the vein. Of course, you can be present (or not if that is your preference) for every step of the way.  Once your cat has passed away we will transport them back to the hospital if cremation is elected. As described above please make sure that your cat is in a small room like a bathroom or utility room before the doctor arrives.

Schedule An In-Home Appointment

If you feel that you are unable to transport your cat or multiple cats to Hallett Veterinary Hospital, or you need us in the most important end of life time and want this done at your house, please contact us.

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