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Cat Wellness Exams - Why Cat Wellness Exams Are So Essential

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What is a cat wellness exam?

A wellness exam is an annual or semi-annual exam where we not only look the cat over from head to toe and update any potential vaccines that are needed, but it's also an excellent time to address any questions or concerns the owners have, such as diet and behavioral issues.

How does wellness impact the longevity and health of my cat?

Because cats and animals in general age so quickly, it's imperative to catch problems early. That way, we can ensure that your cat remains healthy and has a good quality of life.

When should I bring in my cat for a veterinary wellness exam?

We typically recommend annual vaccines until a cat gets into their senior years, around 10 years of age. Then it's a good idea to do a semi-annual or every six months exams.

What are some signs and symptoms that my cat might not be feeling well?

Cats can be stoic about pain or illness, and some symptoms can be subtle but indicate a more serious problem going on. Things you might see are changes in eating, playfulness, and even grooming habits.

What are some possible environmental factors that can affect my cat's wellness?

Some cats can be really sensitive to their surroundings and are creatures of habit, so any changes in their environment can cause a lot of stress—changing furniture around, changes in the owner's schedule, or even adding a new pet to the household. If we can keep their surroundings stable and provide a lot of environmental enrichment, we can mitigate that stress.

Why is early detection so important to the wellbeing of my cat?

Early detection is vital because the sooner we can catch a problem, the sooner we can intervene. More likely, our treatment will be successful, which means a healthier and happier cat.

If you still have other questions and you'd like to reach out to us, you can call us directly at (262) 569-0801, you can email us, or you can reach out on Facebook. But please do reach out, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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