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Dr. Michael Fagan

Dr. Michael Fagan is a 1992 graduate of the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Fagan joined Hallett Veterinary Hospital in 2001 and quickly added diagnostic ultrasound to our imaging capabilities. He arrived with three years of ultrasound experience and added  60 more hours of ultrasound training in San Diego, California. Dr. Mike enjoys general practice, dentistry, and is a skilled surgeon and ultrasonographer.

Bladder stone as seen
on ultrasound exam.
Dr. Fagan lives in Oconomowoc with his wife Diem, their children, a beagle, a cat, and  chickens.  He enjoys gardening, canoeing, cycling, fishing, and playing basketball. He also has an interest in nature photography and has been a licensed foster parent since 2009. He Coached CYM basketball teams from 2011 to 2014.  He served on the board for the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) from 2007-2010 and is active with Greener Oconomowoc.

Continuing Education Meetings Attended by Dr. Michael Fagan:

Central Veterinary Conference
San Diego, CA
 December, 2015

19 hours of Continuing Education including:

Periodontal disease (2 hrs)
Canine behavior modification (2 hrs)
Blastocystis--pathogen or not?
Canine thyroid testing and treatment
Clinical pathology--monitoring serial testing
Dermatology--difficult cases, getting good history, manifestations of systemic disease
Low stress handling of dogs
Review of homemade diets
Pain management for cats
Nutrition for urolith management
Feline GI endoscopy
Non surgical management of ACL injuries
Managing soft tissue injuries
Puppy behavior--identifying "normal"Kitten behavior

Central Veterinary Conference
Kansas City, KS August, 2014

21 hours of Continuing Education on internal medicine and dermatology

UW Oncology Conference November, 2013

8 hours of Continuing Education on cancer medicine.

American Animal Hospital Association Annual Conference
Phoenix, AZ March, 2013

25 hours of Continuing Education including:

Pain Management
Feline Medicine

American Animal Hospital Association Annual Conference

Denver,CO March, 2012

19 hours of continuing education including:

Supplements and Herbs
Feline Internal Medicine and Nutrition

Central Veterinary Conference
Kansas City August, 2011

26 Hours of Lectures on: 

feline urology
radiology and ultrasound of abdominal emergencies
feline dermatology
canine fear aggression
digital thoracic radiography
canine pyoderma (2)
myofascial pain syndrome
multimodal cancer treatment
multi-drug resistant infections
laryngeal paralysis
otitis/ear care
difficult anesthesia case review
mast cell tumors
parasitology (2)
vascular and lymph node ultrasonography
periodontal disease
toxicology misconceptions
intervetebral disk disease
antibiotics for urinary tract infections/ antibiotic resistance
public misconceptions in nutrition
feline internal medicine
feline infectious diseases


American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
June, 2010

Lectures on:

Critical Care: Sepsis
Clinical Pathology: Blood Chemistry

Gastroenterology: Enteric Pathogens
Management of Acute Pain and Potential Future Options
Urology: Catheters and Infections
Endocrinology: Physiology and Management of Cushing's Disease
Cardiology: Utility of Ultrasound in Mitral Valve Disease
Dermatology: Emerging Treatments
Urology: Assessing Kidney Function and Evaluating Proteinuria

NAVC Conference
Orlando, FL 2009

21 Hours of Continuing Education Including Lectures on:

Treating Liver Disease, Pulmonary Thromboembolism, Gastrointestinal Wellness and Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Dogs, Dyspneic Cats, Canine Chronic Hepatitis, Esophagostomy Feeding Tube, and Feline Orthopedics


AAHA Veterinary Conference

Tampa, FL March 2008

19 hours of continuing education including lectures on:

5 hours Dentistry, Scientific Briefs, Feline Internal Medicine and Nutrition, Obesity and Endocrinology, Behavior - Compulsive Disorders, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Dermatology, Orthopedics/ Neurology - Feline Gait Disorders, Feline Zoonoses, Gastrointestinal Cytology, and 4 hours in Internal Medicine and Surgery

American Animal Hospital Association
Denver, CO  2007

22 Hours of Continuing Education Including Lectures on:

Respiratory Disease/Treatment, Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy, Orthopedics, Feline Zoonoses, Dermatology, Pain Management, Dental X-ray, Periodontal Disease, Cancer pain/Surgery, and Heartworm Update.


North American Veterinary Conference
Orlando, FL  2006

Continuing education lectures including:

Pancreatitis, Medical and Surgical GI Diseases, Feeding Tubes for Critical Care, Respiratory Distress, Dentistry and Dental Radiology, Feline Dermatology, and Endocrinology Update.

American Animal Hospital Association Conference
Baltimore, Maryland March 2005

23 hours of continuing education including:

Dentistry and dental radiology lab, oncology, orthopedics and rehabilitation, GI, cardio/respiratory, and current research topics.